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Your own dishwasher in an IKEA kitchen?

Set; you have decided to buy an IKEA kitchen, walk in the IKEA and the saleswoman tells that your Siemens dishwasher does not fit into an IKEA kitchen… All equipment can be placed 1-on-1 in an IKEA kitchen, except the dishwasher is a problem because the door can not be fully opened. You are therefore forced to purchase an IKEA dishwasher. Another option is to cut off a piece of your kitchen front. This will immediately ruin the beautiful appearance of your new kitchen. Another option is to lower the dishwasher and cut a hole in the kickboard. This is ugly too and in most cases not even possible. As last option you can buy an XXL dishwasher. The disadvantage of XXL dishwashers is you pay “double” and you get a qualitatively lesser machine compared to a normal dishwasher.

I ran into the above problems too. I have designed and engineered a solution that can also help you!

Curious what model adapt-r solves your problem?

The creation of the adapt-r

Like many other products among us, the adapt-r was created as a result of a problem. In 2015 I, Rob Tangenberg, bought a Ikea kitchen. I was (and still am) very satisfied with the quality of the kitchens Ikea delivers. My wife and I had been shopping for hours at various kitchen centres and eventually chose for an Ikea kitchen. Our preference went out to Siemens equipment and we bought the granite counter top from a natural stone dealer. Only the kitchen cupboards with accessories came from Ikea. The Ikea saleswoman told us that the equipment was easy to install, but she warned us that only Ikea dishwashers could be installed in the kitchen, due to the size of the kitchen door. I wondered whether this was true and I started looking for a solution.

There were several people on the internet with the same problem as I had. However, nobody had a solution. For hours I had been thinking and pondering in search of the solution. Eventually if found the solution and applied it into our own kitchen. In March 2015 I bought a Miele dishwasher and installed it into our new kitchen with the first version of the adapt-r.

Adapt-r 2.0

In July 2015, I got the idea to start selling my solution. At first I sold the adapt-r that I used in my own kitchen. But this adapt-r was not suitable for every dishwasher. Therefore I redesigned the adapt-r completely. This new design takes as many factors as possible in account that can be encountered at different kitchen fronts in combination with the various dishwashers. The current adapt-r has been created with the cooperation and input of many customers, users and installers. The bad parts are all phased out and replaced for a different design/material. The first adapt-r could still be manufactured by myself in the garage. The current adapt-r is so complex that a whole range of machinery is required for manufacturing. The manufacturing of the components is therefore outsourced to various metalworking companies from all over the country. Since September 2016, we offer the adapt-r with a pivot point that is easier to adjust which makes it even more simple to install the adapt-r. In addition to the installation in Ikea kitchens, the adapt-r is now also used in many other kitchens.

Why was the name “adapt-r” chosen?

The name adapt-r was invented by a very good friend of mine and has two meanings.

  1. Adapt-r stands for adapter, which is a “connection piece between two things that do not just fit together”.
  2. Adapt is the synonym of customization. –r is the mathematical name of the radius of a circle. De adapt-r changes the radius/rotational radius of the kitchen front, creating the sliding mechanism.

Rob Tangenberg, 3-5-2021

Curious what model adapt-r solves your problem?