Dishwasher sliding hinge-Adapt-r Basic

Dishwasher sliding hinge-Adapt-r Basic


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✓ Unique solution for the lowest price

✓ Easy to install due to the unique drilling template

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What does the adapt-r Basic do?

The adapt-r Basic easy-to-install. The adapt-r Basic is constructed from two aluminum base plates. The components are pre-assembled, which considerably shortens the installation time compared to the adapt-r Basic.

Drilling template:

A “Basic drilling template” is supplied with the adapt-r Basic. This “drilling template” is 60x80cm and is the same size as an IKEA Metod kitchen front. All parts are projected on this template and this way it is indicated exactly where the parts have to be mounted on the kitchen front.

Drawer fronts:

The adapt-r Basic comes standard with free connect-r. With the connect-r, different drawer fronts can be connected to each other.

  adapt-r Basic
Price 312,99
Warranty99 year
Package dimensions (LxWxH) 60x10x3cm
Net weight: 1,4kg
Shipping costs: €0,-
Parts pre-assembled: Yes
Suitable for IKEA metodYes
Suitable for multiple drawer frontsYes
Suitable for slimline dishwashers (45 cm wide)N0
Suitable for 60 cm wide dishwashersYes
Suitable for TimelightYes
Suitable for semi integrated dishwashersN0
Installation duration (average) 45-90 minutes
Difficulty: (1 is easy 5 is difficult) 3
Standard drilling template includedYes
Premium drilling template included (60x80cm, for all parts) Yes
 AEG Yes
 Asko Yes
 Bomann Yes
 Boretti Yes
 Bosch Yes
 Candy Yes
 Medion Yes
 Samsung Yes
 Siemens Yes
 Zanussi Yes

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